Budgets in sight; Keyport meeting tonight

The state (finally) adopted its $30-something billion budget yesterday. It might have been today, but who really knows.

All the deals were made yesterday, as far as I’m concerned.

Back in the Bayshore, the borough of Keyport will have its council meeting tonight at 7 p.m., in Borough Hall.

As far as the agenda goes, I didn’t see anything noting the adoption of a 2008 municipal budget of any kind.

I guess municipalities are waiting for their throats to be “officially” choked from cuts in state aid.

Keyport is actually slated to receive some funds back, about $66,000, which would bring the borough’s funded state aid to about $304,000.

Any money a town receives back at this point is certainly a gift. Although small and seemingly insignificant, receiving funds is better than having more taken away.

Check back tonight for any interesting bits from the Borough Council Meeting.

PHOTO: View from the Waterfront in Downtown Keyport. (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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