Ferry from NYC to AC? Eek

The Press of Atlantic City has an article online today about the possible revitalization of a ferry service that would run between New York and Atlantic City.

The service was offered some 18 years ago and was not well received. Apparently, passengers became very ill during the commute and arrived in AC a bit greener than they would have liked.

According to the article, the new system would encompass new technology that would “ease” the ride for up to 600 passengers.

A trip on the ferry would cost $58 for a regular, round-trip ticket, while “VIP” seating would cost $85.

When docked or in between marinas, the boat could also serve as a conference center.

While the whole proposal sounds like a good idea, both economically and socially, it’s just not floating my boat.

Having grown up in what I consider the ideal Jersey location (Ocean County, Central Jersey), I’ve always been close to both New York City and Atlantic City. However, the two locations – offering two entirely different atmospheres, in my opinion – could not be more different.

I have always thought it appropriate they are on opposite ends of the Garden State.

With this ferry, the worlds would seemingly merge. I don’t want to gamble with the Big Apple, and I certainly don’t want the beautiful Jersey Shore that closely associate with the country’s metropolis. There are just some things I don’t mix, my favorite towns being one of them.

Jersey has always had a “complex” of being the dump for anything leftover from Manhattan, anyway. I think with this ferry, that notion would be even more evident.

I know it makes sense in the business world, and it would probably save some people gas money, blah blah blah. But would it really? I think $60 is a lot of money. I’ll take my chances with traditional forms of mass transportation and not try to squeeze too much excitement into one day.

To read the article, click on the headline.

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