Baroni heading McCain’s campaign in Jersey

Also my thoughts on politics as a religion . . . When did this happen?

You know it’s officially the season when campaign managers begin nesting.

According to an article in The Asbury Park Press, Sen. Bill Baroni, R-Mercer, will head Arizona Sen. John McCain’s campaign in New Jersey.

Baroni is a a rather young guy (about 37, according to his profile on the N.J. Legislature Web site), and I found it rather humorous he would be on board with the 71-year-old dinosaur.

Then again, if Republicanism is a “religion” (which I’ve been told by many Republicans it is), then McCain is relatively young compared to some spiritual leaders. It would also make sense he would draw such a young crowd, i.e. Baroni. Not to mention the two are permanently tied by the “R” following their names.

But please, don’t think I’m comparing McCain to Jesus, Gandhi or any other icon of such magnitude. I’m just saying, if Republicans are naive enough to think politics is the be all, end all of life – a strong point to lean on – I think they will be surprised to find weak points in the fabric of their philosophy.

It does interest me a great deal, however. To any Republican or person of the “red cloth,” answer me this: Do you believe in John McCain, above all else? Do you, too, think the war in Iraq is one of significance?

Most importantly, are you on board for eternity with all this? I’m very interested in the concept of politics as a religion. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Do people need God, or just a corrupt politician for them to sleep at night? Because, honestly, I haven’t met one yet that isn’t corrupt, even to the smallest extent.

Please e-mail me any responses —

I look forward to reading these, assuming people write in. I also wouldn’t mind hearing from “other parties,” as every perspective in this situation is important (at least to me). Type away!

I always knew politics had its divisions, as does religion. I never truly expected the two institutions to cross paths, as they seemingly have. Should they? Hmm. How many leaders should a person have to answer to?


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5 responses to “Baroni heading McCain’s campaign in Jersey

  1. Anonymous

    “Because, honestly, I haven’t met one yet that isn’t corrupt, even to the smallest extent.”

    Are you talking about Republican Politicians here or all Politicians?

  2. Melissa L. Gaffney

    All. No one is above accountability.

  3. Anonymous

    Then why did you write this article in the context of “republican” ideology as a religion? I am sure that there are just as many as mindless subservient democrats as there are republicans on the other side of the aisle. With such an ingrained bias / slant toward one political philosophy, I don’t see how you can be an objective journalist. Aren’t liberals and/or democrats supposed to be more open-minded and willing to listen to differences of opinion? Maybe now I now understand why there seems to be so much cynicism / anger in your writing.

    I agree that no one is above accountability … but you are taking an enormous step to then say that “all politicians are corrupt”. That is an incredibly sweeping stereotype / accusation … and one that is neither fair nor true. I am very sorry you feel that way. I would never make a statment that all “journalists” are … (anything, fill in the blank, here).

    I think we both agree that is unfortunate that party is too often placed above one’s sound judgment and/or personal political philosophy. It is also unfortunate that one would take a position on an issue simply because it is a republican or a democrat one. This doesn’t happen all the time and in every case, though. One side is never all right or all wrong. Differences of opinion … and differences of political philosophy … are a good thing. Because someone may have a philosophy or an opinion that differs from yours … that doesn’t make him/her wrong or corrupt.

  4. Anonymous

    Why wasn’t my last post approved?

  5. Melissa L. Gaffney

    Sorry, Anonymous, as much as it might seem like I’m at my blog 24/7, I try to have a life every once in a while.

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