A midday dose of Scharfenberger: VIDEO

Middletown Mayor Gerard Scharfenberger also made a few noteworthy comments during the Township Committee’s public session on Monday, June 30.

The mayor says he does not feel a public session is the place to campaign, as the committee (seemingly) conducts business in such an arena.

Scharfenberger also discusses Middletown Matters, the township’s newsletter. He points out what I guess he thinks are “good things” about the newsletter.

Notably, the mayor talks about a “newspaper owner who publicly blasted Middletown Matters,” and how ā€” “not a month later” ā€” committeemen Patrick Short and Sean Byrnes come out “wanting to get rid of it.” (Great clip, around 1:00 in.)

Actually, neither Short nor Byrnes said such a thing during the public session. I’m glad the mayor assumes, as he did with the 2008 municipal budget adoption, their intentions based on political parties.

Next, Gerry talks about raising taxes. He says it’s “all well and good” to say we don’t want to raise taxes. In fact, the mayor says he doesn’t want to raise taxes “ten times a day.”

He continues bashing the “infamous 39,” recommendations and observations from Short and Byrnes regarding the municipal budget.

Scharfenberger knocks his water bottle over around 3:50.

Some more Trenton bashing, blah blah blah. He says he thinks the public has a right to know what is going on at the state level and how it affects the local municipality.

When he mentions the “rudeness,” the mayor is referring to Short.

My favorite line: He talks about how the governing body was elected to do a job and be HONEST.

I would love to know where Scharfenberger got his definition of honesty.

Watch the video.

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One response to “A midday dose of Scharfenberger: VIDEO

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t you just see the strings attached to the republican puppet now serving as Middletown’s mayor. Doesn’t he realize that he and his republican cohorts are not the ONLY ONES elected to the Middletown Township Committee???? The two democrats are DULY ELECTED representatives of the people.WE DID NOT WANT MORE republicans because we are DISSATISFIED with the republicans in this town !!!!!!

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