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FEMA: Still on Mars

I‘m beginning to think the Federal Emergency Management Agency should join Amy Handlin on Mars. And stay there.

I tried getting in touch with FEMA representatives today, as the agency will address residents’ concerns during the Hazlet Township Meeting on Tuesday. (To be held at 8 p.m.)

After several miscommunications, I was put in touch with a representative, “Angela,” who would not disclose her last name. Angela works in the fire administration office. The number I had originally called was for FEMA’s news desk in the office of public affairs.

Angela claimed she “didn’t even know there was a news desk,” and her initial search for Debra J. Young – the woman at the news desk I had spoken with – did “not turn up anything”

Did I mention that the first time I tried calling today, I got in touch with the legislative office? I asked for that FEMA rep to put me in touch with the NEWS DESK. I got the FIRE administration. FEMA certainly has the best and the brightest working to keep public chaos at a minimum.

After an interesting conversation with Angela, she put me back through to the office of public affairs. To my surprise, Debra J. Young answered the phone: Angela told me Young’s office was in Georgia and that Young had given me a general number, basically alluding to the fact that she probably didn’t want to talk to me anymore or that she would not longer be able to answer my questions.

Which, obviously, she didn’t. Young told me she would put me in touch with the same FEMA representatives I have been calling for weeks. I have still not received any answers to my questions.

FEMA, seriously: This is ridiculous. The agency is fabricating offices and employees, has no idea how to communicate yet still expects the American people to “trust its judgment” when determining flood hazard zones?

That’s like asking me to hand over a whole lot of money to Federal government and trust its judgment when providing programs and agencies that will support and protect the American people.

Oh wait, we do that already, taxpayers. Look how well that’s worked out.

I can’t wait for this meeting on Tuesday.

Alyssa Passeggio and I will be there. FEMA, beware. No one in the Bayshore is particularly happy with your theories at the moment.


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Courier covers Beach Sweeps 2008

New Jersey swept its beaches clean on Saturday, April 26. The sweeps were sponsored by Clean Ocean Action.

The boroughs of Keyport and Keansburg were two such locations where residents of all ages turned out with gloves, working shoes and plenty of trash bags to clean up their beaches.

The chairman of Keyport’s Environment Commission, Rowland Seckinger, said the importance of these exercises is for residents to collect trash from their beaches and tally it as data. This is to see exactly what is polluting their home so as to stop it at the source.

Clean Ocean Action provided data cards for participants to use. The borough will send their cards to Clean Ocean Action, who will then summarize their information and send back results.

Check out this week’s issue of The Courier to read about my experience in Keyport and Courier Senior Staff Writer Alyssa Passeggio’s trip to Keansburg.

PHOTO: “Savin’ the fishies, don’t you know?” (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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Preparing for the ‘Big Day’

No, I’m not getting married. But I did get to check out some beautiful gowns recently at True Love Bridal in Matawan.

‘Tis the season, and The Courier is including wedding features in three of its issues this month. Alyssa Passeggio wrote about bridesmaid’s dresses in the March 6 issue.
This week, March 13, features a piece I prepared on bridal gowns.
I spoke to owner of True Love Gail Comerford. She is extremely passionate about her gowns and seeks to provide any bride with the dress she wants.
While popular trends are Elizabethan-style gowns, bright colors and intricate beading, what brides want is something simple. They also want an overall look this season.
No longer being just about the dress, brides want to blend with their wedding parties.
To read more about this season’s wedding fashions, pick up a copy of The Courier or visit us online.
To see gowns in person, visit True Love Bridal on Route 34. To make an appointment, call (732) 946-4245 or visit True Love Bridal online.

PHOTOS: (1) Intricate beading adds that a personal touch. (2) Open-toed shoes are no matter what the season. (3) Champagne bows accent beautifully detailed white and ivory gowns. (ALL: Melisssa L. Gaffney)

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