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The Davids to face off in Idol finale

David Cook and David Archuleta were just announced as the two contestants who will compete in next week’s American Idol finale.

Syesha Mercado did not make it through.

I have been a Cook fan since the beginning and am glad he’s headed to the finals.

While I’m not sad to see Mercado go, I’m pretty sure we’ll see her on Broadway at some point. She seems more inclinded to take that Idol path, as did Clay Aiken, Diana DeGarmo and Fantasia.

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American Idol weeps?

I literally just finished watching Brooke get booted off American Idol.

That blonde freak of nature could not stop wailing.

Her final song was a struggle comparable to watching wounded animals spasm and squirm.

Then, when she finished butchering yet another Neil Diamond song (didn’t HE do that already?), she proceeded to ball her eyes out yet again and start walking towards the back of the stage.

Brook, hello: You were on the show longer than you should have been and yet you still don’t realize there is NO EXIT at the back of the stage?

I’m dying here. At least the happy-go-way-too-lucky chick is gone.

David Cook, anyone?

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My thoughts this week on American Idol

Randy thinks he could take the “whole lot.” Paula said he was brilliant and just could not sit back down. Simon said his performance could have been either insane or amazing.

“I have to tell you,” he said, “it was amazing.”

Only a few of the reasons why I love David Cook and have picked
him (yet again) as winning American Idol this year.

As for the other contestants . . .

Jason Castro was sloppy on guitar. Fragile indeed.

Syesha Mercado, eh.

Chikezie. The one-name show. One word: boring.

Brooke White killed one of my favorite sons. “I’ll be watching” for her to leave soon.

Michael Johns took on Queen. Nothing champion about that, to be honest.

Carly Smithson. I have to admit, I liked her more in the beginning of the season.

David Archuleta sang a song I have never heard before in my life. It wasn’t too bad, but I think he’ll need to step it up before he actually makes top five.

Kristy Lee Cook sang “God Bless the U.S.A.” Well, God Bless Her. Simon said it was the most “clever” song choice of the season. Clever, Simon? Corny, yes. Clever, no.

I’m picking Ramiele Mulubay to go home again this week. I hope this time she actually does. She killed a Heart song.

PHOTO: David Cook rocked yet again this week, minus guitar. (Taken from

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My picks this week for reality TV

American Idol, Season 7.

I absolutely adore David Cook. Not only is he easy on the eyes, but he’s amazingly talented. Every time he busts out a guitar I can’t help but smile. And melt, just a little.

Dancing with the Stars, Season 6.

Oh Monica Seles. I don’t want to like her for her horrific dancing skills, but my tennis ties almost force me to.

I do actually like Marissa Jaret Winokur and Penn Jillette. Marissa is a bundle of energy with a great personality. (I’m sure Broadway had nothing to do with that.) I also love the idea of a real-sized woman dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Penn is hysterical. Not only is he the least-likely candidate for a dancing show, but he’s completely into it. Despite him being a huge guy and slightly awkward on his feet, the faces he makes just sell it.

My pick to get booted off on Idol this week is either Ramiele Malubay or Kristy Lee Cook.

Kristy truly has to leave this week. She butchered a Beatles’ song, for crying out loud! What more an excuse did America need to get rid of her?

I guess they just didn’t want another pole dancer (cough David Hernandez cough) to be the next pop star.

PHOTO: David Cook, taken from

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