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Corzine says "NO"

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine said yesterday the state cannot “afford” a gas tax break.

N.J. can, however, continue to boast the third lowest gas tax rate in the nation, at about 14.5 cents per gallon.

Corzine said alleviating the tax, which would certainly give residents some monetary relief, would risk projects to cut congestion and improve mass transit.

At this rate, I don’t think Corzine should be worrying about cutting congestion and improving mass transit: No one is going to be able to afford to travel if gas prices keep skyrocketing. What will eventually start increasing are bicycle sales.

Just last month, I remember a gallon of of regular gasoline being just under $3. We all reminisce about the days when gas was anywhere from $1.50 to $2 per gallon. Remember those days?

It was just “pretend” when New Jersey’s gas prices finally followed suit and began increasing faster than residents could say “Fill ‘er up.”

Corzine said the state is battling budget deficits and will run out of money to pay for transportation improvements in three years.

To that I say, GOOD. Let the budget run out of money for transportation. Then maybe this state will focus on projects and issues that are actually important, such as education and health care.

I hope Corzine drives a giant SUV that costs hundreds of dollars to fill every week. He won’t cut a break for us, I see no reason why any breaks should be cut for him.

Then again, I’m sure it’s “just our tax dollars” that eventually pay for his gas anyway.


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